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training & recruitment

Your typical recruitment process is inefficient, video can reduce your cost per hire AND ensure you attract the best talent.
For instance, YouTube is currently the third most popular website in the world making it the perfect place to find a new audience.

Video is a quick, creative and cost effective way to instantly brand your company as a good place to spend eight hours a day!


The power of video is unrivalled in communicating your brand and values. Video conveys not just information but feeling and emotion in a way that no other type of content can and it can be timeless!

With the right production and savvy, you can futureproof your video content making it a sure fire investment.
In fact, 80% of your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20 percent will actually read content in its entirety.


Capture the atmosphere and excitement of your event and show off that all important end product!

The marriage between events and video was made in heaven and the possibilities are endless – pre, during and post show, video can communicate with your audience and potential delegates as though they were at the event themselves…


Video is one of the easiest, most effective ways of not just raising awareness but vastly increasing your donations. However, it must be done correctly or you’ll end up with a lot of likes but no donations to show for it.

Well-crafted videos can emotionally engage your audience in a way that reading can never achieve.


Using videos to educate and train helps to improve knowledge and engagement while reducing costs.

Video also provides variation in instructional delivery, which helps with learning retention.

case studies

Case studies are a brilliant way to showcase achievements, product launches, new services and so much more.

Bringing your case study to life through video opens up communication and audience engagement.

Our clients

About us

High Life Productions was founded by Hannah and Luke, who met and worked together at a large production agency. Uninspired by the ‘one size fits all’ approach, they foresaw that a bespoke service would augment the power of video and deliver better results. It also paved the way to be able to serve any industry, any need.

This idea resonates with High Life Production’s underlying ethos of making video accessible to everyone, giving organisations large and small a voice – as video grows, it shouldn’t become the privilege of big corporates. We firmly believe in the power of video, if a picture paints a 1000 words, a video paints a novel!

2017 is set to be the year of video content – we’re well placed and excited to be growing in this innovative industry.

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  • Luke

  • Luke Watson, Director/Co-Founder

    Luke has produced content for global names within the telecoms, financial, manufacturing, IT, food and events industries alongside UK focussed films for educational facilities, SMEs, charities and the British military.

    Born in East Yorkshire he was drawn to London by the opportunities within the media industry, and enjoyed a successful career in video editing before leaving the UK to work as an underwater videographer across the globe.

    After returning to London and spending several years as a freelance cameraman , director and editor he felt it was time to set up a company that could provide clients with high quality content and marketing solutions.


  • Hannah

  • Hannah Rosenberg, Director/Co-Founder

    Throughout her career Hannah has interviewed the likes of The Deputy Secretary of Energy of the US, the Minister of Power for India and the Director General for the UN population fund, as well as high level international business individuals and celebrities.

    Hannah was brought up in London then moved to Auckland, New Zealand for 10 years where she received a BA in Visual Arts and majored in photography. She has a passion for travel and luckily, being in the film industry, she has worked in various countries such as the US, Japan, Kazakhstan, India, New Zealand, Singapore and Europe.

    +44 (0)7511 506 356

  • Nicola

  • Nicola Ambler, Head of Marketing

    A marketing, communications, events and project management professional with a strong track record for cultivating and strengthening relationships, developing successful content strategies and building communities. She previously held various production positions at one of the largest global events companies and was responsible for product development, content generation and marketing strategy across a wealth of industry portfolios and global events.

    Nicola was born and raised (proudly!) in Wales and studied Biochemistry at the University of Nottingham. She then moved to London to find that the streets were not in fact paved with gold but actually with bars…which was basically the same thing! Nicola is involved in several charities, she is on the board of Trustees for WAND UK and a founding member of the West London Fawcett Society, and she is also a keen rugby fan and a world class collector of handbags big and small ☺


  • Greg

  • Greg Michael, Camera Operator

    Greg has worked in the corporate sector for several years as a camera operator and editor. His career has taken him on the road filming throughout Africa and Europe shooting documentaries, promotional material and event coverage. Greg enjoys traveling and climbing so he’s our go to guy when filming at heights.

  • Tom

  • Tom Jones, Motion Graphics Designer

    Tom Graduated in 2010 (First class honours) from a 2 year digital film-making degree and the decided Post-Production was the route for him, and suited his patience and eye for detail!

    He now has five years experience in both editing and motion graphics for clients including Tesco, X Factor, Fremantle Media, Skype, MSN. Tom is also skilled in After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

  • Emilio

  • Emilio Martinez, Editor

    Emilio completed a Masters in Film, Radio & Television at the University of Seville and then a Masters in Advertising and PR. He got his first job as a screenwriter working on various TV programmes, then moved in to advertising, working with top brands such as Heineken, Sony Ericsson and Oriflamme Cosmetics.

    Emilio has experienced many sides of film production but his passion is in editing, animation and motion graphics. He also enjoys singing and has appeared in a few music videos!

  • John

  • Zak Solosho, Producer

    Having studied Filmmaking at Kingston University, since 2011, Zaki has focused on building a career within video production. Having recently been offered a position at High Life Productions, he took the opportunity to learn and develop alongside a passionate team.
    Zaki now focuses on managing and building relationships with clients at High Life Productions, and he likes to experiment with fresh approaches to business, especially if his favourite author Tim Ferris has written about it!


Finding new, exciting ways to engage your target audience through strategic content marketing is becoming increasingly used by all types of companies. How do you make your message stand out from the white noise?

We’ve compiled some research to illustrate why video is really the cream of the crop both in terms of engagement with your audience and influencing behaviour and decision making. Plus, it’s only set to grow, so will you be futureproofing your content marketing strategy with video?

Take a look at the full infographic below or get in touch to discuss the possibilities with us.

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