A month of Stranger Things

Summer has arrived and High Life Productions has been embarking on some things that get a bit stranger. Specifically, we have recently completed a project tying into the upcoming release o Stranger Things 3 that promotes SanDisk’s 32 GB Micro SD card, which allows users to download videos to watch anywhere on the go. We were very excited to work with SanDisk to put together this video promoting both the product and the television show as the complement one another well. The combination of these two brands ties in perfectly with our capabilities to produce video content for brands and entertainment media alike.

Of course, with each shoot there is plenty that takes place beyond the view of the camera. In these next few weeks leading up to the release of Stranger Things 3 on the 4th July, we will be releasing some behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot, as well as some additional content, so be on the lookout for that!


Check out the complete project below:

New Year, New Faces, New Prospects.

We’re now into the 2nd month of 2019 and High Life Productions are moving full steam ahead. We’re continuing to work with some excellent clients that have been returning to us for a number of years now and we’re looking forward to creating some fresh content for a huge array of new business.

2019 is about nurturing already solid business relationships and ensuring their longevity, but also to secure a more diverse range of industries within our already extensive back catalogue of film work.

The end of February will prove to be a particularly engaging time for us as we gear up to showcase the company at the 2019 Event Production Show. We’ll be amongst many other talents within a multitude of industries at the monolithic Olympia in London. We are using our time at the show to really give attendees a thorough idea of High Life Productions’ solid experience within production and of the resources we offer throughout our processes.

See you on the 26th and 27th of February!

We’d also like to welcome Scott to High Life who is our new Head of Production and will be supporting us in all things High Life. Welcome!

Lastly, we are going in to the new year refreshed and majorly affirming an ethos that has long been at the core of High Life Productions: we are not a one sized fits all company and we are very much here to adapt and work with all industries and companies out there.


Stay tuned!

Make Your Brand More Animated

At High Life we always enjoy working with motion graphics and animation, its gives us a chance to get creative when putting together a sales film for our recent client WWT – in the form of an animated explainer video.
These ‘elevator pitches’ are fantastic for brands that have lots of information to communicate, and get your message across in a concise and entertaining way whilst avoiding information overload for the viewer.

WWT needed to communicate their reputation as the leading business media brand in the UK water industry. Big ideas such as these are more easily conveyed through visual language and so our video makes use of simple-to-understand graphics to present these statistics. Animation also allows facts and figures to be interesting and digestible by presenting them in a bright and visually stimulating way.

Each of our animated videos is a bespoke piece, to fit with your brand’s personality, aesthetic and voice. Our video for WWT uses their on-brand colour scheme and in-house style to creatively convey their reputable identity to those within and outside of the water industry.

Take a look at the animation we created for WWT here:

Why Are Product Videos Important?

Why are product videos important? Videos are a particularly effective way to present your brand, products or services because they can be injected with your brand’s personality to emphasise who you are and what you stand for.

We can help create a personal connection between potential and existing customers and your services, brand or products. Effectively communicating a lot of varied information in a short space of time can help to build respect and trust in you and your expertise.

Our behind-the-scenes video from a shoot with LundHalsey is a great example of how much hard work goes into our films. We work closely with you to deliver an insight into your company and the products you offer. Our skilled and experienced team will take you through from conceptualisation to finished product, ensuring we celebrate your brand and create the right video for you.

Take a look behind the scenes of our shoot with LundHalsey

LundHalsey – e-Type Console: Behind the scenes on a product promo shoot from High Life Productions on Vimeo.

Women of the Future – Ambassadors Programme 2016

Once again, we had the honour of working with the esteemed Women of the Future organisation, covering their Ambassadors Programme for 2016.

This event is a unique initiative, created by Pinky Lilani OBE DL and her team. As with every event we cover for WoF, it is particularly special as they bring 100 ambassadors to the event to connect with 100 female sixth-formers, giving students unprecedented access to industry role models and providing invaluable guidance towards their future successes.

Gender parity is an important topic. One which we at High Life Productions often encounter and are asked to document in our video work. It is an absolute pleasure to be at the forefront of such an crucial issue and covering this event made us realise quite quickly that the future of women in industry is looking brighter than ever. Long may it continue!

You can now see the video here

WOF-AP2016 from High Life Productions on Vimeo.

– The HLP Team

Work Experience at High Life Productions

Work Exp-Sharon

We like to be involved with the local community and offer opportunities for work experience and internships from time to time, to young adults looking to gain experience of video production. If you, or any one you know would like to gain some experience, feel free to give us a call.

Here’s a guest blog written by Sharon, a 6th former who came to do a weeks work experience with us at High Life Productions this summer (it feels like so long ago!):

Day 1

My name is Sharon Alkalay and I have been given the wonderful opportunity of doing work experience at High Life Productions. I was extremely thrilled to be given the chance to learn more about the video production industry. I am an avid photographer and wanted to learn more about how videos are directed, edited and planned.

Upon arriving to Stour Space in Hackney Wick, I was very impressed with the surrounding area. Stour Space is a creative space comprised of studios, exhibitions and corporate functions and includes a cafe overlooking the canal towards the London 2012 olympic stadium. I also really enjoyed seeing the surrounding graffiti which created a very creative and arty atmosphere.

I had four main tasks for the day.

1. I started off by using a website called Highrise. Its enables companies to easily track business relationships and an interface between customers and employees. I had the task of entering contacts who recently won engineering awards, companies they worked for and a point of contact that could be used in to contact them for future business.

This was useful because I learned the importance of keeping track of clients, customers and relationships between companies and individual people.

2. The management of some social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter and posting photos from one of the High Life Productions last video shoots. I edited photos using photoshop Express on the iPhone and uploaded them with various hashtags. It clearly showed me the importance of social media in advertising a company. This is because it enables people from all over the country, and the world, to connect with others and globalise the industry of media.

3. I had lunch by the canal while filming a time-lapse on my GoPro for my third and most important task. Over the next few days, I was asked to create a small ‘behind the scenes video’ of High Life Productions. I was eager to do this because my main goal is to learn how to produce videos and I knew that this would be a great opportunity!

4. Finally, I helped edit some interview footage from a pharmaceutical company located in Denmark, using Final Cut Pro. This was quite useful for me because I got to practice the basics of editing and I learned a lot of skills of how to carry out and film interviews. It was also nice to be given some responsibility and to be trusted with the task.

Overall, I think my first day of work experience was very productive, interesting and I definitely learned a lot. Bring on day two!

Day 2

Today I accompanied Luke and Hannah to a conference hosted by Management Today, which is a magazine about business affairs. They had many interesting guests and panels in which High Life Productions took to the task of creating two separate videos. Hannah and Luke also filmed exclusive interviews to be used in these videos. This gave me a real insight to the works of pulling off a good interview, especially how to set it up and make the interviewees come across well through the camera.

Throughout the day, Luke filmed various clips of speeches from the guests and of course the audience who took part in the discussions. He also showed me some functions of the video camera high life productions used. This was useful because I was able to familiar myself with a professional video camera and not only a stills shot camera.

Over the course of the day, I carried on shooting various shots for the ‘behind the scenes’ video I was asked to have a go at making. Hopefully it will come along well and hopefully I filmed some good things to include. Its a good experience for me to take upon this project because I know I will learn a lot just from having a go at creating a video. 

Here’s the fantastic video Sharon produced from her time with us at High Life, thank you, Sharon!


Until next time…

The HLP Team

A day in the life of a media intern!

I am currently feeling like a cast member of Made in Chelsea as not only have I been carried across Soho and Bank in a black cab but also wined and dined at Chipotle. The adventures of week one have really got my taste buds tingling for a bite of the corporate world. After visiting sky-high glass offices with luxury pods and cosy meeting rooms not to mention the video game hubs, I’m really intrigued about the marketing and business world in London.

I’ve chosen to stick to the more administrative and marketing side of things here at Highlife Productions, conducting research about the world of corporate video production and trying to learn something new as each day comes along. I can say that I’ve already grasped a breadth of knowledge and something that I value here is that everybody is learning from each other, whether it’s me learning about cameras and lenses or us, the interns discussing the expansion of social media and how we can bring everything together. I‘ve also been given creative freedom in the sense that I have free reign across all social media platforms for Highlife Productions, depicting not only trust but also an opportunity for me to act independently during the first week.

Bring on week 2!