Awards ceremony interviews

Helicopters, Awards, Comedians…and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Well, we definitely ended November with a bang. I’ve just got my breath back from an amazing and wonderfully varied few weeks, it’s gone from the ridiculous to the sublime! I zig zag-ed from big boots and warm coats on a helicopter shoot in remote Scottish isles to glad rags and handbags at two of our most inspiring annual events.

All in all, a great way to end 2014!

The first of the events we filmed was the Growing Business Award, a glamorous affair at the Marriott Hotel on Grosvenor Square, dahhhling! It’s always one of our favourite awards to film as it celebrates new, young talent and growing entrepreneurs in the UK. The awards themselves span several categories from retail, to food and manufacturing. Winners and nominees alike had a library of interesting and inspirational stories to tell, another big success by Real Business! Comedian Ed Byrne was such an entertaining host, he’s one of my faves so I had to take the opportunity to have a cheeky photo with him in between filming…sorry, Ed 🙂


Next up, was the Investec Mid Market 100 Summit, which reveals THE annual list of the top 100 mid market companies in the UK. It’s a real recognition to the UK Mid Market, who don’t routinely get enough attention in the UK even though they are responsible for an unbelievable £1 trillion of annual revenue and the employment of six million people. Definitely something to be celebrated!

We have actually been involved in this initiative from the beginning, producing all the content for the run up to this event, starting with the Mid Market Index film to launch the event…

…to the announcement of 100 companies that made up the list:


The event was held at the elegant Corinthia Hotel where the delegates were treated to a diverse range of expert speakers. Among those to take the podium were serial entrepreneur Sherry Coutu, business editor for The Times Richard Fletcher and Investec’s chief economist Philip Shaw. Last but by no means least,  the legendary Ryder Cup captain, Paul McGinny, spoke to the eager crowd, drawing on his experience and making parallels between the UK Mid Market and his tenure as Ryder Captain. HE couldn’t resist showing his skills on the pop up putting range that Investec had provided for the event, needless to say he managed a few hole in ones. I, however, will stick to my day job…

We’ve put together the event highlights for you – enjoy!


So, the Christmas countdown starts right here…

Have a great festive season and happy New Year!


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Why use online video?

At High Life Productions (or HLP for short…) we know the impact that video content has in the business world and why it should be at the forefront of any marketing strategy. We all know that watching a video is a lot more exciting then viewing pages of text and evokes more emotion and stimulus than perhaps an article would.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that print isn’t a valuable source of advertising or putting a message across, it’s just that video works in a different way.
In 2012 and beyond video is BIG and companies big or small need to engage to make sure they are projecting their messages in the best way possible – and that my friends is by using video!

So what are the benefits I hear you ask?…. well there are many! Here are just a few:

  • Video allows you to not only reach your target audience but to track how many people have watched the video, how many people have liked it and who has tweeted about it.
  • Your personality shines through in a film! It is difficult to get a real sense of who you are and what you do just by reading text. People always like to put a face and voice to a name. Video allows you to do just that.
  • Pictures really are worth a thousand words! Cheesy I know, but having video case studies alongside real life testimonials will enhance your message and engage the viewer.
  • Video allows you to stand out from your competition. You can decide on the message you want to put across, and because this isn’t just words on paper, YOU decide the format you want to project your message… there is nothing that can not be achieved on film!

And I will leave you with just one last fact to mull over…

Cisco Systems estimates that 90% (that’s a lot!) of web traffic will be driven by video by the end of 2013.