Make Your Brand More Animated

At High Life we always enjoy working with motion graphics and animation, its gives us a chance to get creative when putting together a sales film for our recent client WWT – in the form of an animated explainer video.
These ‘elevator pitches’ are fantastic for brands that have lots of information to communicate, and get your message across in a concise and entertaining way whilst avoiding information overload for the viewer.

WWT needed to communicate their reputation as the leading business media brand in the UK water industry. Big ideas such as these are more easily conveyed through visual language and so our video makes use of simple-to-understand graphics to present these statistics. Animation also allows facts and figures to be interesting and digestible by presenting them in a bright and visually stimulating way.

Each of our animated videos is a bespoke piece, to fit with your brand’s personality, aesthetic and voice. Our video for WWT uses their on-brand colour scheme and in-house style to creatively convey their reputable identity to those within and outside of the water industry.

Take a look at the animation we created for WWT here:

Everline Future 50

Lately, we were lucky enough to work with our favourite people at Real Business again! We covered the Everline Future 50 Event which was held in a very cool venue in Old Street.

During the event the Future 50 most disruptive UK companies where announced – using a fantastic animation created by the in-house team here at HLP.

The 50 companies were extremely diverse, from Service Providers, to Finance, Energy and  Marketing –  the list goes on…It was so inspiring to be in a room full of young entrepreneurs, and as an entrepreneurial business ourselves we take our hats off to everyone in the Future 50 and to anyone else out there who has an idea and runs with it!

Check out the Future 50 animation on our portfolio page.