A month of Stranger Things

Summer has arrived and High Life Productions has been embarking on some things that get a bit stranger. Specifically, we have recently completed a project tying into the upcoming release o Stranger Things 3 that promotes SanDisk’s 32 GB Micro SD card, which allows users to download videos to watch anywhere on the go. We were very excited to work with SanDisk to put together this video promoting both the product and the television show as the complement one another well. The combination of these two brands ties in perfectly with our capabilities to produce video content for brands and entertainment media alike.

Of course, with each shoot there is plenty that takes place beyond the view of the camera. In these next few weeks leading up to the release of Stranger Things 3 on the 4th July, we will be releasing some behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot, as well as some additional content, so be on the lookout for that!


Check out the complete project below:

New Year, New Faces, New Prospects.

We’re now into the 2nd month of 2019 and High Life Productions are moving full steam ahead. We’re continuing to work with some excellent clients that have been returning to us for a number of years now and we’re looking forward to creating some fresh content for a huge array of new business.

2019 is about nurturing already solid business relationships and ensuring their longevity, but also to secure a more diverse range of industries within our already extensive back catalogue of film work.

The end of February will prove to be a particularly engaging time for us as we gear up to showcase the company at the 2019 Event Production Show. We’ll be amongst many other talents within a multitude of industries at the monolithic Olympia in London. We are using our time at the show to really give attendees a thorough idea of High Life Productions’ solid experience within production and of the resources we offer throughout our processes.

See you on the 26th and 27th of February!

We’d also like to welcome Scott to High Life who is our new Head of Production and will be supporting us in all things High Life. Welcome!

Lastly, we are going in to the new year refreshed and majorly affirming an ethos that has long been at the core of High Life Productions: we are not a one sized fits all company and we are very much here to adapt and work with all industries and companies out there.


Stay tuned!

Breakdancing with the EVA1

We’re really excited to be putting our new Panasonic EVA1 camera through its paces and really pushing the images. We know it takes a good few months to fully understand the pro’s and con’s of a new camera, and have started experimenting to understand its capabilities.
We have been exploring how the camera can be used in uncontrolled conditions to see how our more impromptu shoots will fair. So whilst our previous blog post showed how our new camera can shoot beautiful footage at night with low light using dual ISO at high frame rates, this post will show what we can acheive using only natural light.
We were lucky enough to see these breakdancers performing at our studio space recently. Instead of joining in and stealing the show we decided to break out the EVA1 and capture the action at 200 frames per second. We were able to capture details which changed the way we looked at how these guys moved. We think you’ll agree these breakdancers prove time and effort put into practicing pays off, and it is no different with us and our equipment. 
That’s why we take a lot of time to become familiar with the controls of any new piece of equipment; from the depth of colour the V-Log/V-Gamut captures to the 5.7K super 35mm sensor, it’s really important to us to understand how to use our equipment to its fullest, and take advantage of its features to help us create the best footage for our clients’ individual needs.

Hope you enjoy the breakers in slo-mo!

Make Your Brand More Animated

At High Life we always enjoy working with motion graphics and animation, its gives us a chance to get creative when putting together a sales film for our recent client WWT – in the form of an animated explainer video.
These ‘elevator pitches’ are fantastic for brands that have lots of information to communicate, and get your message across in a concise and entertaining way whilst avoiding information overload for the viewer.

WWT needed to communicate their reputation as the leading business media brand in the UK water industry. Big ideas such as these are more easily conveyed through visual language and so our video makes use of simple-to-understand graphics to present these statistics. Animation also allows facts and figures to be interesting and digestible by presenting them in a bright and visually stimulating way.

Each of our animated videos is a bespoke piece, to fit with your brand’s personality, aesthetic and voice. Our video for WWT uses their on-brand colour scheme and in-house style to creatively convey their reputable identity to those within and outside of the water industry.

Take a look at the animation we created for WWT here:

Happy Birthday to You!!(Tube)

Last week saw the 10th anniversary of the first video post on, a then unknown and rather mysterious, YouTube. An innocuous 19 second clip of one YouTube founder, Jawed Karim, was the firing gun for one of the biggest search engine/content sharing/life changing digital media platforms in history.

YouTube has certainly been a huge catalyst in the growth of video. Both in terms of its consumption as well as its influence on the rapid development of the everyday technology to capture and share content.

Talk about growth! Today, YouTube:

  • has a billion users
  • uploads 300 hours of video per minute
  • generates billions of views…


…ahh, precious views!

And it’s not all cat clips and baby blunders.


Video sharing sites have inspired a new wave of B2B communication. Businesses are getting back to the heart of the customer – engaging with target audiences and placing brand front and centre. Video achieves this like NO other type of content.

It inspires and influences behaviour whilst communicating company ethos effortlessly.

If you didn’t know it by now, video is the KING OF CONTENT…and it’s only set to continue. Here’s my take on why video content should be the starring role in your marketing strategy:

  1. 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video 
  2. Click-through rates increase 2-3 times when marketers include a video in an email 
  3. Subscriber to lead conversation rates increase 51% when video is included in email marketing campaign 
  4. 80% of your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20 percent will actually read content in its entirety 
  5. 75% of users visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video  


Are you being left behind or maybe you’re not sure what to do with video content once you have it? 

I’ll be discussing this and some of the other main barriers to realising an effective content strategy soon…keep your eye on the blog for more details or just call me! I’m always available for questions and queries.


Until next time,


Head of Marketing, High Life Productions

T. 07757 048917  ¦  E. nicambler[@]highlifeprodcutions.co.uk


Awards ceremony interviews

Helicopters, Awards, Comedians…and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Well, we definitely ended November with a bang. I’ve just got my breath back from an amazing and wonderfully varied few weeks, it’s gone from the ridiculous to the sublime! I zig zag-ed from big boots and warm coats on a helicopter shoot in remote Scottish isles to glad rags and handbags at two of our most inspiring annual events.

All in all, a great way to end 2014!

The first of the events we filmed was the Growing Business Award, a glamorous affair at the Marriott Hotel on Grosvenor Square, dahhhling! It’s always one of our favourite awards to film as it celebrates new, young talent and growing entrepreneurs in the UK. The awards themselves span several categories from retail, to food and manufacturing. Winners and nominees alike had a library of interesting and inspirational stories to tell, another big success by Real Business! Comedian Ed Byrne was such an entertaining host, he’s one of my faves so I had to take the opportunity to have a cheeky photo with him in between filming…sorry, Ed 🙂


Next up, was the Investec Mid Market 100 Summit, which reveals THE annual list of the top 100 mid market companies in the UK. It’s a real recognition to the UK Mid Market, who don’t routinely get enough attention in the UK even though they are responsible for an unbelievable £1 trillion of annual revenue and the employment of six million people. Definitely something to be celebrated!

We have actually been involved in this initiative from the beginning, producing all the content for the run up to this event, starting with the Mid Market Index film to launch the event…


…to the announcement of 100 companies that made up the list:



The event was held at the elegant Corinthia Hotel where the delegates were treated to a diverse range of expert speakers. Among those to take the podium were serial entrepreneur Sherry Coutu, business editor for The Times Richard Fletcher and Investec’s chief economist Philip Shaw. Last but by no means least,  the legendary Ryder Cup captain, Paul McGinny, spoke to the eager crowd, drawing on his experience and making parallels between the UK Mid Market and his tenure as Ryder Captain. HE couldn’t resist showing his skills on the pop up putting range that Investec had provided for the event, needless to say he managed a few hole in ones. I, however, will stick to my day job…

We’ve put together the event highlights for you – enjoy!



So, the Christmas countdown starts right here…

Have a great festive season and happy New Year!


If you want to explore how we can work together to help you with your content and filming needs please do get in touch. There’s a super quick contact form on the right hand sid of the page or just email me on hannah[@]highlifeproductions.co.uk or if you still remember the days of the telephone, calls are most welcome! +44 (0) 208 986 3167

Behind the Scenes at Band Aid 30…

WOW!! What a weekend the High Life Productions team had filming the exclusive video content for Band Aid…


We were thrilled to be asked to film behind the scenes exclusive footage for a new charitable venture, BandApp by MCD, and of course we jumped at the chance!

As a video production company we have filmed everywhere and anywhere, the good and the great but nothing can prepare you for being in one venue with the likes of Bono, Sir Bob Geldof, Chris Martin, Seal and the phenomenon that is…1D (who were a delight, btw)

Bleary eyed and caffeine deficient, the High Life Productions crew arrived at 7am sharp in Swarm Studios,Notting Hill and our fabulous editor Teresa set up camp ready to ‘live edit’ the content as it came in, a nice chilled Saturday, basically! Our photographer Erroll was with us to capture all the stills and thrills! High Life Productions’ very own Luke was also there ready to shoot. 

The studio was a bevy of excitement beyond anything I’ve ever experienced! My mission: to interview the artists and get the juicy behind the scenes goss. Mission accepted. Coffee #1 consumed.


The first Band Aid member to arrive was Rita Ora, she was definitely on my list to interview, however, she came and went in a flash (a beautiful red flash due to her amazing red outfit!) Unfortunately there is was no time for her to stop to even take a breath as she was hurried out and off to the next thing on what must be a very busy schedule. Ed Sheeran also whizzed in and out, no interview but Erroll got some great shots of him having a rare chill out moment with a cuppa.

Cue screaming fans, swarms of teenage girls, flashing lights and general hysteria… 1D had arrived! 

Harry Styles sauntered in looking as cool and charming as  you might imagine but slightly nervous. It’s a pretty momentous occasion for the young pop stars. Coffee #63 consumed, I was on my A game and  got a great interview with Harry who talked about what an honour it was for 1D to sing with all the greats. We then went in to the green room, spotted Paloma Faith and Emilie Sandi looking over the words to the song so I took the opportunity to sit down and had a chat with them about the incredible privilege of being part of Band Aid. In the middle of the interview Mr Olly Murs bounces in and joined in the interview, bringing his cheeky chappy charm to the mix. After that we had a quick chat with the hilarious Grimmy, my favourite radio 1 DJ and the extremely talented Clean Bandit.


We left the green room and I picked up my millionth (some say I like to exaggerate?) free Starbucks,  which seemed to be everywhere (I wasn’t complaining!) then in walks Seal and my first thought was ‘wow he’s a lot taller in the flesh and he smells amazing!’ Seal was an absolute pleasure to interview, and even when Sir Bob Geldof crept up behind him during our interview he kept his cool! We then got to interview 1D all together which was a lot of fun, those boys are a handful…hard working and extremely professional but a handful nonetheless J

Mission almost completed, I then whizzed about getting some final interviews including the incredible Chris Martin and Guy Garvey

Last but not least, we then had a chat with Bastille who had flown over to the UK during their US tour just to record the single, I think they were too excited to be tired but it must have been pretty exhausting! They also had the last of the song to record and we were lucky enough to be in the studio and they were incredible! We also spoke with man of the moment Sam Smith who was learning his lines for the song.

So, after about 10 hours of interviewing and soaking up the atmosphere that is Band Aid I couldn’t leave without a few words form one of the figure heads of Band Aid…I interviewed Bono(!) who talked passionately about the why everyone is recording this song and how we shouldn’t have to be in this position again 30 years on to have to raise money for such awful diseases as Ebola. 


By the end of a very long day the HLP team where truly worn out and buzzing at the same time. To be part of such an important part of British music history, as well as raising money for Ebola is a feeling that I couldn’t describe in words. Everyone we met was really humble, no divas or egos flying around, which made it easier for us to do our job but more importantly since Band App was launched it’s had over 50,000 downloads and raised over £80,000!!!

I can only hope that alongside the other amazing charities, military and medical professionals who are already in West Africa fighting the epidemic, the money raised will help prevent the spread and the families of all those who have lost their lives to Ebola.


We are looking forward to producing further video content for the music industry, now we’ve tackled Band Aid we can do anything!! 

Until next time,