Bristow Helicopters – Behind the scenes!

When the High Life Productions team were commissioned to produce three training films for UK Search and Rescue teams operating in Bristow helicopters, it was one of our most exciting yet challenging films to produce.

Having filmed in helicopters before (and being a huge aviation geek) the prospect of working with aircrafts again was a hugely exciting one!

Our first shoot was in Stornoway, a location the High Life team haven’t ventured to before. Being a pretty remote location, getting there was a lengthy process, flying to Glasgow and then in a 19 seater light aircraft to Stornoway was an experience in itself!

Stornaway definitely has a certain charm, but I am sure this is perhaps seen more in the summer, rather than December when we first filmed. It became apparent that working with large helicopters has its own challenges. The downdraught caused by the rotor blades was intense, we very nearly lost one of our cameras (and crew!) by being blown all over the place. However taking off in the helicopters was a real buzz and something I could have done over and over again! The view from the helicopter was also breath-taking, especially around the island of Lewis.

Our second filming assignment was slightly tamer, as we shot in Norwich in the middle of June, but again, working with large helicopters is not easy and the camera operators do not have the luxury of reshoots so everything pretty much had to be captured within the first take, this really highlighted the importance of all the planning we did in pre-production.

The films have now been completed and I am sure they will serve as a vital tool for the UK Search and Rescue teams. Whilst shooting we met some amazing people, from pilots, to paramedics and of course the brave volunteers who give up their free time to help people in the most volatile situations.

We look forward to our next flight!

Enjoy watching all the hard work (and play) in our behind the scene special!