Happy Birthday to You!!(Tube)

Last week saw the 10th anniversary of the first video post on, a then unknown and rather mysterious, YouTube. An innocuous 19 second clip of one YouTube founder, Jawed Karim, was the firing gun for one of the biggest search engine/content sharing/life changing digital media platforms in history.

YouTube has certainly been a huge catalyst in the growth of video. Both in terms of its consumption as well as its influence on the rapid development of the everyday technology to capture and share content.

Talk about growth! Today, YouTube:

  • has a billion users
  • uploads 300 hours of video per minute
  • generates billions of views…


…ahh, precious views!

And it’s not all cat clips and baby blunders.


Video sharing sites have inspired a new wave of B2B communication. Businesses are getting back to the heart of the customer – engaging with target audiences and placing brand front and centre. Video achieves this like NO other type of content.

It inspires and influences behaviour whilst communicating company ethos effortlessly.

If you didn’t know it by now, video is the KING OF CONTENT…and it’s only set to continue. Here’s my take on why video content should be the starring role in your marketing strategy:

  1. 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video 
  2. Click-through rates increase 2-3 times when marketers include a video in an email 
  3. Subscriber to lead conversation rates increase 51% when video is included in email marketing campaign 
  4. 80% of your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20 percent will actually read content in its entirety 
  5. 75% of users visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video  


Are you being left behind or maybe you’re not sure what to do with video content once you have it? 

I’ll be discussing this and some of the other main barriers to realising an effective content strategy soon…keep your eye on the blog for more details or just call me! I’m always available for questions and queries.


Until next time,


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