High Life / High School – New Initiative

We are starting an initiative at High Life called High Life | High School where we’re looking to give students within schools and colleges an ability to gain crucial skills in all things film production. Many of us in the company have come from educational backgrounds within film and media and through this we realise the importance of having tangible experience within the industry before starting your career.

Our aim is to provide students with a key insight in to how the film process works. They will sit in with us on pre-production meetings, join us on as many shoots as possible, and attain a practical knowledge of editing. High Life | High School will give young people a chance to be a part of a fully operational creative video agency – our hope is that in their time here they learn as much as possible and with this make their futures brighter.

Our first High Life High School student to join us is Eric who comes from California State University Long Beach. We’ve been working with him for a few weeks now and he’s absolutely fantastic. He’s written a short bio about himself and his time here at High Life: