Introducing our new initiative: High Life | High School

As a student, getting experience within the film industry can prove difficult. Students often face the perils of inaccessible internships, nepotistic work placements and, even if you ‘know someone’ in the industry, attaining an entry-level role can be extremely challenging

In order to tackle this issue, High Life Productions began a new initiative called High Life | High School. Within High Life | High School, we are actively looking to offer students accessible placements and professional development through working knowledge of the industry.

Our aims:

— Time on set, in the production office, and on the road

— Teaching students how to use editing software (FCPX, After Effects)

— Delegating important and challenging production tasks to students (budgeting, making phone calls to external companies, sourcing locations)

— Shadowing the High Life producers and camera crew

— Demonstrating how to use our cameras

— Utilising students as an important, vital member of the team; hearing their ideas and asking for input

— Teaching advanced skills. We’re a firm believer entry-level people can do more than just make tea and coffee!

— Advice on career development

We believe student voices are important! We will help establish their platform by letting them have their say – in pre-production meetings, on shoots, and within the huge task of pulling a shoot together. Above all, High Life | High School is an opportunity to bolster their CV and be a part of a fully operational creative video agency.

Thanks to the American Institute of Foreign Study, we were super lucky to have Eric join us from the California State University Long Beach on placement and as our first High Life High School student. We’ve been working with him for a few weeks now and he’s absolutely fantastic. He’s written a short bio about himself and his time here at High Life below.

If you are a student or a teacher and would like to be involved with High Life | High School, contact Scott at