Lund Halsey e-Type II Air

Lund Halsey is a manufacturing company that has been producing bespoke control room consoles for over thirty years now. Their control room consoles are fit-for-purpose within many global industries including: Radio + Broadcast, Military, Oil & Gas, Security, and Aviation. Lund Halsey consoles offer ergonomic and technological solutions to clients and their needs and are produced to the highest of quality.

High Life Productions and Lund Halsey have been enjoying a strong working relationship now for a number of years now and – naturally- we were super excited to hear from them about a new project. During the summer, High Life and Lund Halsey teamed up for a two day shoot in Oxfordshire to film a campaign for their new console. It was a great experience to pull our teams together again, exchange ideas, and enjoy a shoot that worked out perfectly.

We are so proud to be unveiling the new e-Type II Air console from Lund Halsey.

Directed by High Life Productions

Produced by High Life Productions + Will Lund (Lund Halsey)

Studio: Junction 11 Studios, Banbury

Talent: Kyomi Cheyenne