Sunshine and Social media campaigns!

Hi – I’m Jess, the newest HLP crew member and as a trainee I had the opportunity to film behind the scenes during the production for our latest social media campaign video. This was such a great opportunity to learn how things go on a High Life shoot and to work with our veteran Panasonic AF101 HD camera.

Our location was the mezzanine level at High Life Productions headquarters! Stour Space is a great studio space in a former textiles warehouse in Hackney Wick with unrivalled views of the Olympic Village and the West Ham Stadium directly across the canal.

Our hand model Swammi was demonstrating a new photo sharing app on the iPhone and the HLP team were shooting with our Panasonic EVA1 – which once again proved itself to be a brilliant allrounder.

An eye for detail was demanded first and foremost, followed by a lot of effort in terms of modifying our set up.

Not only did we have the Stadium as a striking background, we were also blessed with sunny weather which, although beautiful presented it’s own challenge in working with natural light. I quickly learned how to set up lighting, reflectors and scrims to use natural sunlight to our own advantage – producing a beautiful lit video.

You might think that sunlight makes the whole lighting situation easier in the long run but  I was surprised by how tricky it actually is. Especially when clouds suddenly decide to appear!

Moving shadows during the day can become a big deal,  everything had to be perfect and that requires time and focus. The rapid change of circumstances can only be dealt with using expert knowledge and choosing the right equipment, but our Director of Photography Luke and Production Manager Rory left nothing unchecked!

I was amazed by how the team were able to maintain the same ambient light for each shot and at different angles despite the changing light.

We were able to capture all the important details and settings on the phone and thanks to the HLP team who work toward perfection, the shoot was straightforward and the client was happy – a complete success!

Check out the BTS I produced with the Panasonic AF101 – I hope you enjoy!