We’ve been busy!

February proved to be a great month for High Life Productions; we showcased our company at the London Event Production Show 2019 as part of a push to give key figures within Events a thorough idea of how we work. During the show we offered up free introductory videos to new business, whereby key figures within their company could give a 30-second pitch of their product and exhibit it to viewers online. This freebee is, in large part, an extension of one of our key capabilities at High Life: corporate video content, especially in Events. We are well versed in working within the Events industry and through this we are sole video suppliers for people such as Women of the Future and PPA (Professional Publishers Association). The EPS show was a complete success and we gained strong connections to new business and clients alike. Here’s a short clip of Day 2 BTS: 



We kicked off March with a series of high profile shoots and we’re super happy that they continued into the end of the month where we gave full video support to the PPA New Talent Awards on the 28th. We’re currently in the edit for this one and we’re positive it’s going to look great.

Spring is finally on our doorstep and we’re feeling positive about the year ahead of us (and happy that London has been full of sunshine recently). As we move forward in to the year, we’re hoping to set up our new High Life | High School initiative where we look to give students in schools and colleges experience within the film and media industry. Look out for an update on this – our first student is with us now!

–  High Life