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We like to be involved with the local community and offer opportunities for work experience and internships from time to time, to young adults looking to gain experience of video production. If you, or any one you know would like to gain some experience, feel free to give us a call.

Here’s a guest blog written by Sharon, a 6th former who came to do a weeks work experience with us at High Life Productions this summer (it feels like so long ago!):

Day 1

My name is Sharon Alkalay and I have been given the wonderful opportunity of doing work experience at High Life Productions. I was extremely thrilled to be given the chance to learn more about the video production industry. I am an avid photographer and wanted to learn more about how videos are directed, edited and planned.

Upon arriving to Stour Space in Hackney Wick, I was very impressed with the surrounding area. Stour Space is a creative space comprised of studios, exhibitions and corporate functions and includes a cafe overlooking the canal towards the London 2012 olympic stadium. I also really enjoyed seeing the surrounding graffiti which created a very creative and arty atmosphere.

I had four main tasks for the day.

1. I started off by using a website called Highrise. Its enables companies to easily track business relationships and an interface between customers and employees. I had the task of entering contacts who recently won engineering awards, companies they worked for and a point of contact that could be used in to contact them for future business.

This was useful because I learned the importance of keeping track of clients, customers and relationships between companies and individual people.

2. The management of some social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter and posting photos from one of the High Life Productions last video shoots. I edited photos using photoshop Express on the iPhone and uploaded them with various hashtags. It clearly showed me the importance of social media in advertising a company. This is because it enables people from all over the country, and the world, to connect with others and globalise the industry of media.

3. I had lunch by the canal while filming a time-lapse on my GoPro for my third and most important task. Over the next few days, I was asked to create a small ‘behind the scenes video’ of High Life Productions. I was eager to do this because my main goal is to learn how to produce videos and I knew that this would be a great opportunity!

4. Finally, I helped edit some interview footage from a pharmaceutical company located in Denmark, using Final Cut Pro. This was quite useful for me because I got to practice the basics of editing and I learned a lot of skills of how to carry out and film interviews. It was also nice to be given some responsibility and to be trusted with the task.

Overall, I think my first day of work experience was very productive, interesting and I definitely learned a lot. Bring on day two!

Day 2

Today I accompanied Luke and Hannah to a conference hosted by Management Today, which is a magazine about business affairs. They had many interesting guests and panels in which High Life Productions took to the task of creating two separate videos. Hannah and Luke also filmed exclusive interviews to be used in these videos. This gave me a real insight to the works of pulling off a good interview, especially how to set it up and make the interviewees come across well through the camera.

Throughout the day, Luke filmed various clips of speeches from the guests and of course the audience who took part in the discussions. He also showed me some functions of the video camera high life productions used. This was useful because I was able to familiar myself with a professional video camera and not only a stills shot camera.

Over the course of the day, I carried on shooting various shots for the ‘behind the scenes’ video I was asked to have a go at making. Hopefully it will come along well and hopefully I filmed some good things to include. Its a good experience for me to take upon this project because I know I will learn a lot just from having a go at creating a video. 

Here’s the fantastic video Sharon produced from her time with us at High Life, thank you, Sharon!


Until next time…

The HLP Team